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Welcome to GHS


Welcome! Whether you are a current student or parent, or you’re planning to join our school community soon, you’ll find plenty of details on this website about what’s going on at school, and lots of photos to celebrate our busy school lives.

Geraldine High School students are friendly, polite, fun-loving and caring. They work hard to achieve their best in a wide range of subjects, and are stars in sport, music and performance. Our NCEA results are consistently comparable with other decile 8 schools in New Zealand. Our vertical form structure supports relationships, mentoring and achievement of personal goals. Student voice helps to direct our school, through student leadership and council.

Students enjoy a vast range of activities and opportunities, including outdoor education camps and field trips, academic competitions, annual school productions, sports exchanges and visiting speakers. We value our bi-cultural heritage, with kapa haka and a growing Maori student support network. Young people with special learning needs are nurtured, and educated for independent living. And we ensure time for students to have plenty of fun in their learning and in their daily lives at school.

Our staff are highly qualified and experienced, with total commitment to the academic and personal achievements of all students. As members of this community, staff know the students and families well, and share their aspirations for the future. 

Our school boasts fine facilities and resources, with well-appointed buildings set on nearly 5 hectares alongside the beautiful Waihi River. There are enormous fields for sport and enjoyment, surrounded by trees, and we have an Outdoor Pursuits Ropes Course at our backdoor. Not only this, but the mountains, lakes, rivers and cities of the central South Island are our playground.

Geraldine High School serves the children and families in this welcoming rural community with pride. We value close relationships with contributing primary schools, local businesses, and other educational facilities. We have an experienced and committed Board of Trustees and an active Parent Teacher Association.

I hope that your association with our very special school is one that is positive and productive.

    S Coleman

Mr Simon Coleman


Photo 2015 x 2 








Geraldine High School ADDRESS: 93 McKenzie Street, Geraldine, New Zealand PHONE: +64 3 693 0017 FAX: +64 3 693 0020 EMAIL: office@geraldinehs.school.nz